Glo Run 5K

Last weekend, I participated in a local 5k run. The run was in support of a women and children’s safety home and took place at night, hence the name “Glo Run, Light up the Streets.” My friend and I signed up and planned on training a little but with the craziness of this semester, we […]

Semester Numero Two

Whoa. What a start to my second semester of college. I’m not going to lie, this semester started off noticeably harder than last semester. I got sick the second week and am still fighting off a sinus infection, classes are considerable harder (and more boring) than last semester, and I learned sometimes you must have […]

First Semester Reflections.

First, I want to thank everyone for sticking with me and the blog as I transitioned through my first semester of college. I wasn’t really able to blog recipes or much of anything, but I still enjoyed writing every post I was able to. Thank YOU for hanging around. :) College was great. My first […]

Tiny Towns: Colorado Part 2

After we left my sister and headed to another little town, we spent the next couple days in a quaint little cabin. The first two days we went on two beautiful hikes. The first trail was called “Mill Creek Castle” and the second trail was “Oh Be Joyful.” “Oh Be Joyful” was our personal favorite. […]

It’s the Little Things…

Today is a big day, folks. I now have an official “blog supplies” drawer. Thanks goes out to my awesome mother for clearing me a spot. I am beyond excited and  pretty much feel like I can conquer any blog feat now. On the other hand, I got my W2 form in an envelope from work and […]

Worth It?

So, I am debating on maybe, possibly, perhaps, trying to become a morning workout person… You see, workouts just haven’t been fitting in my schedule lately and its killing me. I need those endorphins. Especially when Senioritis is running ramped through my mind, I need something to keep me going for 8 more months. However, […]