Breakfast and Reunions

Today was a lovely, relaxing Sunday. It started out with church at my sisters church which I really enjoyed! The atmosphere was great and I really liked the preacher. Afterwards we headed to the Original Pancake House where they have a few gluten-free items on the menu.

I went with a veggie omelet and some gluten-free pancakes.


I kid you not when I tell you the omelet was the size of my head. The pancakes were some of the best restaurant gluten-free pancakes I have yet to try.

I came home and took a three-hour nap. Catching up on sleep is on my to-do list for the break. ;)

I woke up just in time to get ready for church and our Christmas dinner fellowship that followed the service.

We had a plethora of food including some very yummy desserts. (Sorry, no pictures were taken.)

I did get a picture with some friends though. It was good to have the gang back. :)


I came home and took Topy on a quick walk to see some Christmas lights. Currently I am watching Easter Parade with my mom and enjoying some cheese and crackers.

Here’s a few pictures of our Christmas party preparations last night:



All the gluten-free desserts turned out excellent, my mom rocks.

What is your favorite food to enjoy at a Christmas party?

Reality and Banana Bread

Since reality starts back tomorrow, I decided to spend the day as distracted from my depression as possible. :)

I slept in, went for a glorious walk (its like fall here!), made a yummy breakfast and some humus for my sister, got organized for school tomorrow, and baked my first Babycakes recipe!!

Banana Bread (but not just any Banana Bread, Babycakes Banana Bread.)

While making the bread, I tried to imagine that I was working at Babycakes, getting ready  for the morning rush. As I was mixing the dough and folding in the bananas, I was reminded of how much of a comfort baking is.

I was a little nervous because I substituted canola oil for coconut oil (cheaper) and used regular milk instead of rice milk.

However, it turned out great! You cannot even tell that there is no sugar :) The only thing is the middle seems to be a little un-done, which has been happening to breads I have been cooking lately so it may be our oven or maybe its me!

And as I was reaching for my third slice and refilling my chai tea latte, I felt peace. Peace of all God’s brought me through and has in store for me. Peace with my workouts. And most importantly [right now] peace about getting through 136 more days of high school.

Holiday Breakfast

Happy Christmas Adam!

I started the day off with a nice sweaty workout {30 mins on elliptical and 15 mins on stationary bike}. I’m taking a break from the gym till Monday or Tuesday and will be fully enjoying “a break” for the holidays. Plus, we most likely will go on a walk to check out all the Christmas lights around town.

Todays breakfast was a lovely reward after the gym.



2 eggs, clementine, pink lady apple (my favorite!), and greek yogurt

Are you sick of that holiday plate yet? As you have probably guessed, its my only one so get used to it. :)

The rest of the day will consist of holiday baking and movie watching, what else would you expect?

Oh and someone got my favorite Peanut Butter M & M’s…

Let the feasting begin.

Whats is something you love to make for a quick but hearty breakfast? Feel free to link up, I always need ideas!

Fall Moments

Today, I attempted to create Cait style pancakes.

I think they turned out pretty good, if I may say so myself :)

However, my pictures are still lacking compared to Cait’s! Guess that’s what you get with a $100 camera and a photographer with no experience.

YUM. Cait sure knows how to start the morning off great!

I didn’t have strawberries or peaches which would have made it even better. I used 2 Van’s Gluten Free Organic waffles, grapes, vanilla Chobani yogurt, and lots of pure maple syrup.

These gave me just enough fuel to go on a lovely fall walk. Gahhhh, I LOVE fall.

The sight of the trees and leaves.

The smell of the clean, crisp air.

And the feel of the cool and refreshing wind.


Why can’t fall last as long as Texas summers?

Happy Saturday, make it a refreshing one!

Take a Walk

                                       [photo source]

I love walking. Something about walking always reminds me of the able and healthy body God has given me. While my walking path does not look like the above picture (although I wish it did!), even just walking in my neighborhood is a comfort. Sure walking is simple, doesn’t burn many calories, and you may sweat like a horse in 97 degrees Texas weather, however; it’s such a peaceful way to get in touch with your body and appreciate it.


Plus, nature is so soothing. Often when I don’t feel like working out, I just take a walk. Or if I have a lot on my mind, I take  a walk. Or if I need to talk to God, I take a walk. As I feel the warm breezes and the sun on my back, my muscles get moving, I start thinking straiter, and I let God speak to me.


My favorite kind of walking is at night or a  hike to a beautiful sunset like the above picture. When my family and I hiked here, I must have taken 20 pictures of this sunset. So Beautiful.


What are you doing today? I suggest a walk.