You Talk, I Listen.

Well, after a unanimous vote from the hundreds of comments this weekend, ;) energy bites were made!

Best. bites. ever.

This was the easiest recipe I have made in forever and it I almost feel like something this good shouldn’t be so easy to make.

But it is.

Lucky me.

And you.

The only “changes” I made was adding only 1/2 a cup of coconut (instead of one whole cup) and adding this chopped up dark chocolate espresso bean bar instead of chocolate chips. You can never have too much energy. :)

The only downside about these little pieces of heaven? The ability to just eat one for some “quick energy” is quite impossible. I won’t say how many I ate the first day I made them but I will tell you the number is between two and ten.

There is currently one ball left in the refrigerator. I made them Sunday afternoon.

Do Don’t do the math.